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Casting Resins – Mable Casting

Casting Resins


Casting Resins – Marble Casting

Silmar® casting resins are one of the best examples of Interplastic's perfect match to customer's processes. We offer specially designed resins that match your production requirements, while delivering superior results.


Our water clear, premium casting resin cures with an excellent surface finish, high luster and sparkle. SIL95BA-40 is the professional's choice to produce pigmented castings or artistic embedments. Silmar branded casting resins have been the choice for artists, craftsmen and for home projects for many decades. It's a promoted polyester resin especially formulated to yield fully transparent castings. SIL95BA-40 cures quickly and evenly at ambient temperatures and yields the clearest water clear castings available.

SIL95BA-40 can be used to produce clear or colored castings containing artistic embedments. In cured form SIL95BA-40 has water clarity and an excellent surface finish with high luster and sparkle. Castings made from SIL95BA-40 have good strength and are resistant to scratching and cracking. When color pigment is used with SIL95BA-40, the unique water clear characteristics preserve the color fidelity of the pigment and so not distort tonal values of the casting.


This resin was designed for mass casting applications where the volume of the project needs to be stress free and crack resistant. This water clear casting resin meets the need where the low exotherm and long gel times are required to provide successful results. SIL95BA-41 is a polyester resin promoted for ambient temperature cure with MEK peroxide. It is used to produce medium to large size castings with exceptional clarity. SIL95BA-41 was designed to reduce cracks in larger castings with a long cure time, low peak exotherm, and minimal shrinkage.


This resin has a low exotherm and low shrinkage. It cures faster than SIL05BA-41. SIL95BA-805 is designed for general purpose casting to minimize the need for multiple pours of resin to effect success in large and small castings. It has excellent clarity and may be used in moderately large castings with good speed and excellent success probability. SIL95BA-805 can be handled at both high and low catalyst levels based on the casting size. SIL95BA-805 is an unsaturated polyester resin that is pre-promoted for use with MEKP to product a room temperature cure. It contains styrene monomer.

SIL95BA-805 is used unfilled to cast giftware and other artifacts requiring clarity and absence of color. SIL95BA-805, when filled, is used to cast opaque and translucent sanitary ware and accessories.


Our stabilized version of SIL95BE-40 and it is acrylic modified.


This is our stabilized version of SIL95BE-41. It is acrylic modified.