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Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP)

Whether you’re a municipal professional, an engineer or a CIPP contractor, Interplastic is dedicated to providing you with innovative solutions, a broad product line and support from expert field specialists. Expect consistent, competitively priced, and reliable resins to repair partially or fully deteriorated storm sewer, sewer, culvert and industrial pipes. With more than 40 years of experience with the polyesters and vinyl esters used in cured-in-place pipe applications, you will see how we are dedicated to providing all our customers with smooth installations and years of worry-free performance.

COR72 / COR78 Series

Families of isophthalics are offered in filled or non-filled systems and terephthalics come in filled systems specifically developed for Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) applications. The resins provide excellent corrosion resistance. They have good wet-out characteristics of felt and reinforcements, excellent catalyzed stability, their viscosity is designed to eliminate slugging issues, and they have predictable gel and cure times. They offer cost effective choices for pipeline renovations.


Our vinyl esters also have been specifically developed for CIPP applications. They have premium corrosion-resistant characteristics and physical capabilities. They meet “Green Book” standards for use in Los Angeles, Calif.


This novolac vinyl ester is designed for highly corrosive, high-temperature CIPP applications.

Interplastic offers a dependable CIPP “Green” resin that eliminate your environmental concerns.

Interplastic’s CIPP “green” resin lets you repair partially or fully deteriorated underground pipes with environmental safety in mind. Our ground-breaking ECO series resin has no styrene, no VOCs, and no HAPs.

With the same polymer backbone approved for today’s pipeline remediation, the new resin is a proven solution in gravity pipelines that provides consistent quality, fast wet out, trouble-free processing, superior strength, and higher flexural modulus properties.

It meets ASTM F216 requirements and reduces the likelihood of stress cracking and shrinkage with a lower exotherm.


ECO series vinyl ester with no styrene, no VOCs, or HPAs.


Modulus enhanced ECO Series vinyl ester with no styrene, no VOCs, or HAPs.


Ambient Cure ECO Series for laterals and point repairs. Contains no styrene, no VOCs, or HAPs.

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