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CoREZYN® Resins

Corrosion Resistant Vinyl Ester Resins

Novolac Epoxy-based Vinyl Ester Resins

Novolac Epoxy-based Vinyl Ester Resins

Superior Solvent/High Heat Resistance CORVE8700 Series

This is our premium line of corrosion resistant novolac epoxy-based vinyl ester resins and includes high crosslink density/high heat distortion products. Novolac vinyl ester resins afford excellent corrosion resistance, high structural properties, and outstanding laminate capabilities at ambient and high temperatures. These resins comprise our premium offerings in infrastructure building and repair, as well as corrosion resistance. They are very versatile in the wide range of capabilities they offer. Our flagship products in this series are CORVE 8730 and CORVE 8740.

Flexible/Resilient CORVE8500 Series

This is an extremely tough and flexible line of vinyl esters, both rubber and non-rubber modified. Well suited for use as coatings, tank linings, primers and adhesives. It is also an excellent resin to use where its higher elongation provides improved flex-fatigue resistance.

Pultrusion Resins CORVE8180 Series

Interplastic’s CORVE8180 series of vinyl ester resins for pultrusion are recognized as very high performing, versatile and user-friendly. From outstanding corrosion resistance to faster line speed to ease-of-processing, these pultrusion resins offer our customers the best overall value in the industry.

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