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Fire Retardant/Corrosion Resins

Fire Retardant/Corrosion Resins

Fire Retardant CORVE8400 Series

These fire retardant vinyl esters are brominated, bisphenol-A epichlorohydrin epoxy-based resins, and therefore also exhibit outstanding corrosion resistance. Our vinyl ester and modified vinyl esters resins meet the stringent testing requirements of the ASTM E84 Tunnel Test, with flame spread ratings of either <75 (Class 2) or <25 (Class 1), as well as an ASTM E162 flammability rating of 20.5, and an ASTM E662 smoke emission rating after 90 seconds of ≤1, and after 240 seconds of ≤20. We have a selection of these resins that can be formulated to meet UL 94V, ASTM D635, MIL-R-21607E or MIL-R-24719. The COR VE8440, COR VE8441 and COR VE8470 are excellent choices. The product line includes products for filament winding, hand lay-up, spray and vacuum infusion. One product in this series, CORVE 8480N, is based on Novolac epoxy, which imparts even greater heat and corrosion resistance for extremely corrosive environments. In general, these resins are well suited for use in conventional corrosion applications, such as tanks, pipe and process equipment, as well as transportation components and building and construction.

Novolac Epoxy-based CORVE8700 Series

CORVE8700 are vinyl ester resins with superior solvent and high heat resistance. Our premium line of corrosion resistant novolac epoxy-based vinyl ester resins and includes high crosslink density/high heat distortion products. Novolac vinyl esters afford excellent corrosion resistance, high structural properties, and outstanding laminate capabilities at ambient and high temperatures. These resins comprise our premium offerings in infrastructure building and repair, as well as corrosion resistance. They are very versatile in the wide range of capabilities they offer. Our flagship products in this series are CORVE 8730 and CORVE 8740.

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