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COR-Grip® Adhesives and Compounds

COR-Grip Putties AdhesivesOur adhesives and compounds are used for structural bonding, general fairing, gap filing and surface finishing. The COR-Grip line of products provides exceptional adhesion for a firm bond/sandable surface. It provides the flexural, tensile and compression properties you are looking for. It is user friendly for the application process and meets your performance criteria.

COR-Grip® Marine/General Structured Adhesives

PA-160-PMMN Pumpable Adhesives

Formulated with high compression strength micro-spheres to insure density and viscosity retention during material transfer/pumping. Interplastic's COR-Grip adhesives have anti sagging properties that offers superb vertical hang and stacking abilities. The combination of high shear and adhesion strength creates a bond line that will be stronger than the laminate when applied properly. Interplastic's COR-Grip Adhesives are low shrink with low exotherms, which will reduce cracks in larger bond castings. The materials have been engineered to be pumped easily with standard putty dispensing equipment, with acceptable flow rates. Additionally, they may be hand mixed and hand applied.

Uses for COR-Grip Adhesives include hull to deck assemblies, building contours in the corners of the laminate, smoothing the edges of balsa, strake filling, crack filling, and transom builds.

PA-150-PHHN GP Hand Applied Structural Adhesives

A high density reinforced polyester adhesive, PA-150-PHHN mixes easily with the MEKP initiator. It is designed specifically for bonding FRP parts and forming contours that require added reinforcement. This material offers excellent adhesion, shear strength and is designed for general bonding. It can also be used to fill cracks, corners, and angles where reinforcement is desired.

Uses include bonding hull and deck assemblies, transom builds, and FRP panel bonds.

PF-400-PMMN Fairing Compounds

The COR-Grip Fairing Compounds are designed to be low shrink, easily hand troweled, and easily sanded. Ease of distribution over work areas and fast gel and cure times reduces repair cycle time. The COR-Grip Fairing Compounds have good adhesion to cured polyester and vinyl ester laminates and produces a hard finish with good impact strength. The air surface of the build will smooth to the edges without drag lines. The material can be sanded to desired contours relatively quick after applying.

Uses includes exterior patch and repair, plug construction, smoothing/evening profiles and filling cracks.

PR-600-PMMN Radius Compound

These compounds are manufactured with superior polymer and fillers, and are reinforced. These types of materials are formulated to be low shrink and low exotherm. Most are hand mixed/hand applied, but they can be pumped as well. These products can be laminated wet on wet or can be allowed to cure and then laminated. It will become an integral part of the laminate.

Uses includes contouring sharp corners/angles, filling small mold recesses, filling cracks and laminate repairs.

PC-900-PULN Ceramic Compound

This is a pourable ceramic compound that is formulated with high performance polymers and filler for premium performance. Special characteristics include high compression strength and low exotherm. The low viscosity and self-leveling properties of this product is excellent for deep cavity pours where high strength is required.

Uses include transom builds, mast setting, rudder and dam area fills.

COR-Grip® Corrosion Resistant Adhesives

Our Isophthalic and vinyl ester high-performance corrosion resistant adhesives are intended for bonding of fiberglass reinforced parts and contouring objects. It is applied easily with a trowel or putty knife and has excellent adhesion properties. Its shear strength provides for a long product life, especially in marine applications.


This is our high density polyester isophthalic adhesive. It is designed specifically for bonding FRP parts and forming contours. This material offers excellent adhesion and shear strength; designed for general bonding and to fill cracks, corners, and angles where reinforcement is desired. It is not recommended for use on bare gel coat surfaces without prior sanding and cleaning.


A fiber reinforced vinyl ester adhesive. It is designed specifically for general bonding of FRP parts and forming contours for use in corrosion resistant applications. These adhesives are used in applications where optimal corrosion resistance, adhesion and strength properties are required. It is designed for general bonding as well as filling cracks, corners, and angles where reinforcement is desired.

COR-Grip® Fire Resistant Adhesives

This is a neutral high density fire retardant polyester adhesive for fiberglass reinforced composite materials. These products are ideal for industrial or construction markets that require fire resistance.


This material is designed specifically for bonding FRP parts and forming contours that require added reinforcement. This formulation contains reinforcing fibers and offers excellent adhesion and shear strength.

It has an ASTM E84 flame spread rating of less than 25 and a Class 1 Fire retardant rating to ensure low burn rates with low smoke density.

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