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RTM/Infusion Resins

Resin Transfer MoldingResin Transfer Molding is a closed mold process which utilizes orthophthalic and isophthalic polyester and vinyl ester resins. RTM applications include: automobile panels, sports car bodies, truck body and recreational vehicle components, medical equipment, storage tanks, and marine parts, windmill blades and many more.


SIL44BA-1981 is a prepromoted resin especially designed for resin transfer molding and cold molding of filled composite materials.


This is a polyester resin designed for RTM and Cold Molding applications.


A promoted, non-thixotropic, low shrink resin that exhibits fast hardness development, COR45-213-525 is designed specifically for RTM applications were rapid cure and excellent surface quality are required.


CORVE8462 is a promoted, fire retardant vinyl ester resin for use in the manufacture of fiberglass parts with excellent dimensional stability. A fiberglass reinforced panel with 65-75% reinforcement by weight will have an ASTM E84 Tunnel Test flame spread rating of less than 75 (Class 2) without additives.


This is a promoted, non-thixotropic isophthalic, unsaturated polyester resin. This resin is specifically designed for vacuum infusion applications.


This product is a nonpromoted, low viscosity, corrosion resistant vinyl ester resin for use in vacuum infusion and RTM applications. CORVE8100-50 is manufactured from ingredients listed as acceptable in the FDA Code of Federal Regulation Title 21, CFR 177.2420. This resin may be safely used as a component of articles intended for single or repeated use in contact with food as prescribed in the regulation.


A marine grade infusion resin. It's a promoted, non-thixotropic, polyester resin blend and is designed for the fabrication of large parts using the vacuum infusion process (VIP).


A promoted, non-thixotropic, vinyl ester/polyester resin blend, MVR8071 is designed for the fabrication of large parts using the vacuum infusion process (VIP).