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Solid Surface and Engineered Stone

Solid Surface and Engineered Stone

Silmar® Resins

Silmar brand resins have been the product of choice to the solid surface industry for over 40 years. Our casting labs developed cutting edge polymer technology in collaboration with industry leaders, fine tune our products to meet the exacting demands of surfacing products. Interplastic's products are typified by consistent color and innovative promoter technology, that handle a multitude of fillers and additives while still delivering the performance features you need.


SIL93BE-956 is a premium-grade acrylic modified (MMA) NPG-isophthalic, with UV inhibitors. Its moderate cure rate resists cracking in large parts.


This series is a high performance resin family frequently chosen for solid surface applications. It's also a premium-grade MME, NPG/iso and it has UV inhibitors. It is designed for a fast cure and faster part production.


SIL93BE-1302A is a premium solid surface casting resin. It is 100% iso-NPG, UV-stabilized and acrylic-modified with excellent air release. This resin cures with a bluish cast compared to SIL93BE-1122B.


SIL93BE-330ECO is a promoted solid surface resin containing both recycled and rapidly renewable components.


This is a solid surface resin with >20% rapidly renewable components.